Where to find a health spa

It can be daunting when deciding where to go, adding to the stress you are trying to alleviate. How to find a spa that isn’t intimidating, or force-feeds tofu and wheat-germ juice to its guests, or has them running bare-breasted over swamplands – or one that makes an aggressive assault on the fitness levels of your credit card.

Health spas have endured a mixed reputation; they have often been portrayed comically as lofty, exclusive establishments where anything less than an already perfect body and oversized bank balance would be greeted with distain. Today, it is a huge and ever growing industry that has flung its doors wide open to all comers. The priority is to make every customer feel special and at ease, regardless of the baggage they bring.

A good place to start is the Internet. Try to find independent reviews. Life style sections of newspapers and magazines, especially magazines for women or interior type magazines often have features on health spas with special offers. Many major hotels have health spas attached to them and offer weekend or midweek breaks.

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Mrs k Gill 8 March, 2014

Look for somewhere really top

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