What to expect

All health spas promise to pamper you and wave you off relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. There is a sense of equality at these places as everyone, it seems, abandons their day wear for white fluffy towelling bathrobes and drifts through the options available in a gentle haze of soothing smells, sounds – usually trickling water – and calmness.

There are no mobile phones, no laptops, no loud noises, and generally, no loud people. Everyone talks in hushed tones and moves slowly through their day. There should be an over-riding air of tranquillity, despite the fact the treatments are rigorously timetabled and executed to the minute. Health spas that make it to the top of consumer lists are very well run and have invested heavily in customer service. In this way they can exude an air of calm, angelic ambience whilst running a very efficient business.

Each health spa is different, but on the whole you can expect to find an indoor swimming pool, a steam room, a sauna, quiet places to lounge around and read or sleep and a restaurant and/or bar to sample and sip food and drink, not all of which has to be wholesome. A glass of wine should surely never be denied at the end of an intense pampering workout!

There will be treatments to try – massages, scrubs, wraps and a whole host of passive activities to detox and detangle you from whatever it might be that ails you – all that is generally required is to rest and relax.

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